Accommodation in Viladecans, Costa Brava Spain deals 2023
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B And B Hotel Barcelona Viladecans, Viladecans

B And B Hotel Barcelona Viladecans

Viladecans, Costa Brava, Spain

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Apartment In Badalona 100914, Viladecans

Apartment In Badalona 100914

Viladecans, Costa Brava, Spain

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    Studio In Badalona 100913, Viladecans

    Studio In Badalona 100913

    Viladecans, Costa Brava, Spain

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      About ViladecansDetails and images of Viladecans


      Viladecans is part of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and is located in the Baix Llobregat region, being the fourth most populous and 19th city in Catalonia. It is located in the middle of the delta of the Llobregat river and extends from the pre-coastal area to the sea, and currently has over 65,000 inhabitants.

      Recommendations for travel Viladecans

      You can take a guided tour of the iconic buildings of the city that will reveal the secrets of past life. In the morning, bike ride through Agrarian and Delta Park, where you can admire migratory birds and turtles.
      You can travel in time in the Middle Ages visiting the castles and palaces of Viladecans, discovering the secrets of the most unique buildings of the city: Torre del Baró, Can Modolell. Torre-Roja and the Viladecans Museum.
      Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park can be discovered with a bicycle tour, where the vegetable garden occupies a quarter of the area. Then, through the protected natural areas of the Llobregat Delta, in Viladecans, one of the three most important wetlands in Catalonia. A visit to Remolar-Philippines is perfect for watching different species of birds and to reach the clean beaches with dunes and a long protected black pine, which runs parallel to the coast.
      You can also visit the riding town and enjoy the adventure, after which you can enter the large room of Baix Llobregat to enjoy a good lunch with local products as well as to enjoy the beauty of the local beaches.
      Here the beaches are one of the many natural values ​​of the municipality and, as such, have been recognized even by the ecologists. Being so close to Barcelona and due to its natural surroundings, these beaches are perfect for a relaxing day of bathing. The quality of the sand makes them perfect for sunbathing, and if you like to enjoy nature, you can take a stroll in the protected areas of the Philippines, which are accessible from the beach of Cal Francès.
      A Danube landscape that flows from the mouth of the lagoon Remolar, which is integrated in the Natural Area Remolar, to the lagoon La Murtra. The landscape is complemented by an extensive protected black pine, which runs parallel to the coast.
      The beach "De la Murtra" is the most easily accessible make it the most crowded.
      "De la Pineda" beach Much of this beach is protected by the Natura 2000 network. It is the most equipped beach in Viladecans.
      The beach "From Pineda de Cal Frances" is located immediately after La Pineda, it is part of the Llobregat Delta Natural Area, so the environment must be respected.
      “Del Remolar” Beach North of Viladecans, near El Prat, is this beach, which is part of one of the most well-known ecosystems in the Llobregat Delta. Dune vegetation and temporary water basins attract many birds.