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Terms and conditions

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Rights and obligations of the Travel Agency
1. If the agency is forced to modify one of the key provisions of the contract shall inform tourists at least 15 days before departure.
2. Agency may amend the contract price upwards or decrease, as applicable, only if the change occurs due to changes in transportation costs of royalties and service fees for landing, landing / embarkation ports and airports and fees tourist or foreign exchange rates for contracted package holiday.
Three. If, after beginning the travel, an important part of tourism services under the contract is not performed or the Agency finds that will not be achieved, it is bound:
a) provide appropriate alternative to continue the journey without price increase, tourist services that are of the same quality and quantity;
b) to repay amounts tourists is the difference between interest paid and the actual services provided during the travel;
c) if no appropriate alternative can be offered and it does not accept the reasons, to ensure no additional cost the tourist transport back to the place of departure or to another place accepted by it and, where appropriate, compensation for services unfulfilled.
3. The Agency is responsible for the proper performance of the obligations under the contract, except in the following cases:
a) the failure or improper performance of obligations under the contract due to the tourist;
b) the failure is due to reasons of force majeure or circumstances on which any agency or service providers they could not foresee or forestall (schedule or itinerary changes, delays in transport traffic etc.).
4. The Agency shall provide in writing the tourist, before departure, the following information:
a) schedules, stopovers and connections, and, where appropriate, the place to be occupied by the traveler in each transport included in the contract;
b) the name, location / address, telephone and fax numbers of the local representative of the organizer and / or retailer or, failing that, an emergency telephone number to enable the organizer and / or retailer;
c) for minors traveling unaccompanied by parents, information enabling parents to establish a direct contact with the child or the person responsible for the child's place of accommodation.
Rights and obligations of tourist
1. If tourists can not travel to participate in tourism, it can assign the contract to a third person who satisfies all conditions applicable to the package holiday contract, must notify the Agency in writing at least 5 days before departure. In this case the tourist agency terminates the contract and ending transferring a new contract with the tourist. For individual travelers, where the means of transport is air, the transfer can be made only if there is a possibility of transfer flight. Tourist transferring the service and transferee are jointly liable to pay the price of travel and any additional costs arising during the assignments.
2. For stays of rest and / or treatment, the tourist must be committed to offering services in Romania, namely: in the seaside resorts, accommodation is at 18.00 the day of entry and ends at 12 , 00 day written on the ticket voucher or rest and / or treatment, the resorts in the country, other than seaside accommodation is from 12.00 the day of entry and ends at the latest at 12.00 the day following that on tickets.
3. Where specified in the contract prices increase by over 10%, the tourist may terminate the contract, entitled to reimbursement of the amounts paid by the agency.
4.1. The tourist is obliged to inform the Agency within 5 calendar days from receipt of the notice provided to the head. III section 1, the decision to opt for:
a) terminate the contract without paying penalties, or
b) acceptance of the new conditions of the contract.
4.2. If the tourist agency terminates or cancels the trip before departure, the tourist is entitled:
a) accept the same price another travel package of equivalent or superior quality, proposed by the Agency;
b) accept a package tour of inferior quality, proposed by the Agency, immediate repayment of the price difference;
c) shall immediately repay all amounts paid under the contract.
4.3. In all cases referred to the tourist is entitled to claim compensation for the failure of the Agency and of the initial contract, except where:
a) cancellation was due to the inability minimum number of persons mentioned in the contract, while the tourist agency informed in writing at least 15 days prior to the date of departure;
b) the cancellation was due to a force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances, beyond the control of which it relies and whose consequences could not be avoided despite all efforts, not included overbooking in this case the responsibility rests with the airline) ;
c) cancellation of fault was made tourist.
5. Tourists may terminate at any time, in whole or in part, the contract, and if his termination is attributable, is liable to compensate the Agency for damage created, except in cases of force majeure as defined in the law.
When tourists ask to change hotel rooms, or structure of any of the services, this amounts to termination, subject to legal penalties at the time, and a new contract.
6. The tourist is obliged to pay the hotel reception unit resort fee, fee sanitation and other local taxes, but may claim compensation or refund amounts to the Agency.
7. The tourist is obliged to present hotel reception unit acts of identity and travel documents issued (voucher, ticket rest and / or treatment) in order to provide tourism services.
Travel Documents
Please ensure that travel documents, identity card or passport, shows no signs of deterioration of the security features and are valid at least 3 months from the end of your trip to destinations in the EU and at least 6 months after termination trip for other destinations outside the European Union.
If married recently, we do not accept canceled Identity Card (punched) by the authorities to issue a new CI
Children under the age of 14 and have ID card, passport will be enrolled in one of the parents. In this case, parents who have children passed their passport, will travel passport required.
Organising Agency (Tour Operator) has no liability in the event that the border authorities do not allow tourists in its territory. Nor have any responsibility if the tourist is not allowed leaving the territory of a country by the border authorities of that state. In these cases, tourists The value returned is no longer the trip.
Documents required for minors
For minors traveling with only one parent, the consent of the other parent expressed by a statement certified by a notary. If the other parent has died, it is necessary a copy of the death certificate.
For minors who have one parent said the birth certificate is required a copy of this certificate.
For minors traveling with only one parent and that is divorced, it is necessary that the final judgment (u) was entrusted (ti) the minor (s) and copy of the divorce. If the judgment is not final, the consent of the other parent expressed by a statement certified by a notary.
For minors traveling without parents and have been entrusted to a third party, the consent of both parents expressed by a statement certified by a notary public and criminal record of the person who accompanies.

Penalties, damages
1. If the fault gives tourists the travel package under this contract, he owes penalties Agency as follows:
a) 25% of the package price if the waiver is made less than 30 days before departure;
b) 50% of the package if the waiver is in the range 16-30 days before departure;
c) 100% of the package if the waiver is within less than 16 days before departure or failure in the program.
d) Changes to the initial order (dates, hotel, number and type of rooms, customers) are considered cancellations and will be punished accordingly. The above conditions do not apply to bookings made OFFERS EARLY BOOKING and SPECIAL OFFERS. Thus, in case of cancellation of reserved services in terms Early Booking Special Offers and penalties are 100% of their time of booking and advance payment.
2. For tickets to rest and / or treatment purchased by trade unions, the Agency will only refund requests for waiver countersigned and stamped by the union representative.
3. If embassy refuses to issue visa for carrying out the package, the tourist will retain all fees paid by the Agency direct providers and its own operating expenses.
4. For the tourist who entered the territory in which the travel package refuses to return to Romania and authorities in the country are expenses of any kind with it, that tourist is obliged to bear all these expenses.
5. Contract price equivalent penalties also apply if the tourist does not arrive on time at the airport or departure, if not you travel for not having papers in order or if it is returned from the border by border police .
6. Tourists must submit a written request for waiver of the travel package with the registration number of the agency that paid services. Otherwise, the request for waiver is not considered.
7. The Agency will award compensation based on the degree of non-compliance of contract.
1. If the tourist is dissatisfied tourist services received, it shall draw up a notice in writing, clearly and explicitly, on the spot deficiencies are related to the contracted tour package which will be sent promptly both the agency and provider of travel services (hotel management, restaurant).
2. Both agency and tourist services provider will take immediate action to resolve complaint. If the complaint is resolved or partially resolved, the tourist will file a complaint at the Agency in writing not later than 2 calendar days of the completion of the journey, the Agency will, within the 5 calendar days to notify the tourist compensation which it is entitled.
Insurance - The tourist is insured for reimbursement of repatriation and / or the amounts paid by him in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the Agency to the insurance OMNIASIG company in the town of Bucharest, Grigore Mora Street no. 23, Sector 1, phone +40-21-4057420, fax +40-21-3114490 under the insurance policy series no. 29471  of  23.10.2014.
Optionally, the tourist has the possibility of concluding an insurance contract covering transfer fees, or assistance contract covering repatriation in case of accident, sickness or death, or to an insurance contract for luggage.
The contract documents are considered as annexed hereto and are:
a) voucher, ticket-rest treatment, trip ticket, if applicable;
b) travel program, where tourist activities.