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Almussafes is a municipality in the municipality of Ribera Baixa in the Community of Valencia, Spain, with an area of 10.77 km² and a population of 8,932 inhabitants.

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Ablufera Park: is a lagoon and freshwater estuary on the coast of the Bay of Valencia. It is the main part of the Natural Park of l'Albufera de València with an area of 21,120 hectares. The natural biodiversity of the nature reserve allows a variety of flora and fauna to thrive and be observed throughout the year.
The Museum of Natural History is a Valencian institution whose interests include the research, conservation and dissemination of the Valencian historical-natural cultural heritage, the development of educational activities for schoolchildren, university students and the general public, which contributes to a better knowledge of animal biodiversity, the registry current and fossil, in our society, as well as its commitment to the conservation and protection of the animal species that live in our natural environment.
Espioca Tower is a Muslim tower.